LŪMMI baby sleepwear

Made by Lu & Mon Pty Ltd

Pronounced as “L-oo-mmi”.

LŪMMI baby sleepwear was born in Melbourne, Australia. LŪMMI Sleepwear is a bunny shaped and designed to resemble a ball of cotton. Our products offer a range of gender-neutral, organic, monochromatic baby sleepwear ready to be gifted to any newborn.

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It starts here.

Beginning with two like-minded people who have zero appetite for carrots but much love for bunnies. Lu and Mon always work to foster their brand's core values: unconventional, fun-loving, commitment to bringing happiness and healthiness in family’s lives while telling stories in a world of monochromatic hues.

Serena Huang

Publishing her first book at 14, living in Russia for a year at 16, moving from China to Australia alone at 20, establishing wine export business at 23, sky-diving at 25, co-founding China Gap Year Foundation at 27, and climbing the Kilimanjaro on her 30th birthday… Serena’s life experience has always been a good story to tell.

Being fluent in both English and Mandarin, Serena has a wide connection of suppliers, manufacturers, industry leaders and influencers.

Full of ideas with a mind of business, Serena’s analytical way of thinking and capability to put things into action built her extensive career across hospitality, sales & marketing, business development and entrepreneurship.

Monica Sutrisna

Spending many of her waking childhood hours drawing, Monica adopts art and design as second languages. Using it as a means of communicating, she's shaped her career around learning to interact through graphics and embracing it as a practical lifestyle. Born in New Zealand, living and growing up in Melbourne, she's developed an immense experience as a visual artist and multidisciplinary designer.

Monica's works have been exhibited in Melbourne, New York City, Amsterdam and Taipei, accompanied by ongoing Australian, Hong Kong and US publications. Her designs have also attributed to social causes, partnering with organizations such as Oxfam and Malala Coffee to combat ongoing global issues through the aid of design.

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